Empowering Beautiful
Shades of Brown Across the World

Melanin Pride

We celebrate the diversity and beauty of the hundreds of shades of black and brown.


We promote literacy, education, and academic excellence for children of color.


We create cute children apparel designs that kids absolutely fall in love with.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Embrace Your Beauty. Love Your Skin.

Welcome to the In Color Kids Brand where we celebrate our melanin! We speak with passion. We plant seeds of positivity. We nurture the youth. We help children of color recognize that life is about living in color and loving the color of their sin. We’re a brand that uplifts all shades of black and brown through literacy, education, and imagery. We’re creating a new narrative of empowerment that creates a path for a brighter future.

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Empowerment is in style

In Color Girls Outfits

Dress your daughter in colorful, beautiful, and empowering fashion with In Color Girls matching shirt and leggings

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Promoting Education
In Color Kids Flashcards

Our flashcards are filled with vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations of children of color. Watch your kids immerse themselves in education as they see other representations of black and brown children. Every kid wants to feel included so introduce yours to the colorful world of In Color Kids.

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In Color Kids Pillows

Rest well with our beautiful luxe pillows! Your melanin glows in the dark and our precious babies glow beautifully even in their sleep!

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Our pillows offer an extra dose of encouragement and affirmation to children of black and brown children. Encourage your kid today.

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In Color Girls Backpacks

Be proud of who you are! No one and nothing can hold you back so flaunt your melanin pride with an In Color Kid backpack. Our backpacks are perfect for a schoolbag, overnight bag or your kid’s new favorite item to carry when out and about with you running errands. Check out our collection of In Color Kid backpacks.

In Color Boys Backpacks

Our black boys need love, empowerment, respect and reassurance. What better way to give them a daily dose of love and pride than a backpack that looks like them! In Color Kids boys backpacks are uniquely designed to remind our kings just how special and powerul they are.

Wall Posters

Decorate your child's wall with words of affirmation! Encourage them and let them know that they are loved and valued.