In Color Kids

Every child deserves to be confident in who they are, to be protected from the harshness of this world, to feel embraced by their culture, supported in their environment, and comfortable in their own skin. In Color Kids aims to teach our children and empower the adults in their lives to radiate light, knowing that it is the only way they’ll overcome darkness.  

Dismissing the monotony in literacy and the stereotypical black and white story of self-worth, beauty, wealth and legacy, we’re inviting you and your children to explore the depth of our heritage, our community, and our truth through a lens so familiar it can only be seen in rich, vibrant, bold color.

The Creator

I’m Lauren Lacey, a mother of beautiful, funny, and smart black children and a wife to a strong black king. As a black mother, I was forced to reckon with my uncomfortable truth when my children began experiencing insecurities. My son struggled with his speech and he couldn't relate to the educational resources available. My daughter came face to face with her own insecurities as well. The questions she received from classmates about her golden-brown skin and the criticism she encountered for her beautiful, natural hair, triggered my own insecurities. I realized seeds were planted in me as a child regarding my hair and my skin and I wanted to step in to influence a different perspective and start new conversations for my children and other PERFECT black and brown children in our community.

Celebrating Who We Are

Combining my love for my children, community, affirmations, and education, my kids and I created a brand that sparks excitement, passion, insight, deep discussions and adoration. In Color Kids celebrates all shades of brown – a brand that black and brown children can positively be obsessed with. We highlight the unique beauty, strength and intellect of Black and Brown girls. We recognize Black and Brown boys as the strong, limitless, powerful leaders they are.

Promoting literacy and education amongst young children of color, empowering all shades of black and brown, and showcasing the beauty and power of diversity, In Color Kids emanates love and light for children, moms, dads, men and women to behold. I encourage you all to glow in your skin, unapologetically, and embrace your beautiful color!

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