The We Glow Children’s Books series focuses on teaching Dolch sights words to students in grades Pre-k through 3rd grade as well teaching young children the importance of character, family and even responsibility! Literacy is extremely important and there are far too many conversations that ask redundant questions such as How Do We Get Black Kids’ Literacy to Matter? Why do only 15% of Black 8th graders test at an average or above average reading proficiency while over half failed to meet the standard. This is a problem, and we are doing our part to take action. Black, Latinx, and all children of color deserve the effort, commitment, dedication and the resources from every able adult and education system. We must cultivate, educate and nurture children to be greater than ourselves. Invest in them today so they an have a brighter tomorrow.

    Check out our collection of Sight Words stories with beautiful images and Brown and Black children can relate to and learn from.

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